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Actually, I would prefer NOT being at facebook. I was persuaded once to join in and I must say I never come here. However, I do not manage to get my face off this book. (Being asked what 'computador' means, I'd say "Someone who joins somebody to go visit the whores". Those things are really NOT my cup of tea)
From now on: I have been here. I have tried it. And I will deny it.
I DO like social visits, but rather in person. Please, come along, call me, mail me, read my book, let's have a drink (or two)......
For me, this book of faces is closed!

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Tim Bootsman schrijft op 120w sinds 27 november 2014 en heeft sindsdien 120 woorden geschreven, verdeeld over 1 stukjes (gemiddeld 120 woorden per stukje).

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